Allan Guevara



I am Allan Guevara, founder of Osa Great Adventure, I began working in a Info Center for visitors in Drake Bay in 2011, I remember that during that time I was learning English by myself and to do so I started reading books about wildlife. I did not know I was going to become a tour guide and really love it. 

People tell me that I have the best job of the world and ask me if I like it, and what  I love the most of my job and my answer is that I am amazed by nature, and that every day I see and learn something different but what I really like the most about my job is that I get to meet people from all over the world and pass to them my love for nature.

In tourism, I met my wife, Marlene from Austria. And we have a son together, his name is Leon he was born in november of 2016. My life has changed a lot and I am loving it.


Karen Esquivel

Naturalist Tour Guide

She was born in a small town in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, Karen is the fifth of seven siblings, who together with her mother learned to get ahead by supporting each other as a great team. Since childhood, she has been a woman with a great passion for nature. 

Her dreams of growing and searching in the forest the connection with her mission in life led her to study Ecological Tourism at the Universidad de Costa Rica. She complemented her studies as a General Guide in the INA (Instituto Nacional de Aprendisaje) and in the ICT (Instituto Costarricense de Turismo). 

Her fascinations are reptiles and amphibians, however, She enjoys the forest in every way, and how nature manifests as a gear that balances existence. Therefore, with this excellent guide, you will admire every natural space of the Corcovado National Park and its surroundings.


Jafet Juarez Guevara


Jafet is one of Allan’s youngest brothers. His passions are music and drawing. Jafet divides his life volunteering for Osa Great Adventure at the office, providing customer service and his high school studies.

He has shown that besides being very young is is a serious and responsable person, capable of achieving what he  he wants.

Jafet stays with his mutter and his younger brother in a house in front of the beach. At home they practice bio-agriculture, producing part of what they eat as well as planting species of plants that are used as medicine.