La Esperanza day tour next to Corcovado is done on a property of 60 ha. 40 ha is primary rainforest. This area borders the Corcovado National Park. It is the perfect activity to visit very well protected areas of the primary and secondary rainforest. Part of this tour is the observation of different beautiful animals: we have the chance to see monkeys, birds, insects, frogs, toads, snakes and many other animals.

Finca la Esperanza is located only 20 minutes by taxi from Drake Bay. It is, therefore, a very interesting option for those who are looking for a cheaper tour, and who do not want to take a long boat trip to the Corcovado rainforest, but also want to explore the primary and secondary rainforest

La Esperanza Day Tour Next To Corcovado

Tour description:

This activity starts at 6.00 am from Drake Bay, in front of  “Delicias” restaurant. It takes about twenty minutes by taxi to the entrance of Finca La Esperanza in Los Planes. After our arrival, we walk only a short distance to get to the beginning of the hiking trails. There we leave our luggage, which we do not use during the hike. The property offers several different paths, so we can explore various beautiful parts of the rainforest.
We return at 12.00 md for lunch, the departure back to Drake Bay starts at 1.30 pm. But before we get back to Drake Bay, we can still take a refreshing dip in the river in Los Planes.

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PRICE $60 person.

La Esperanza Day Tour Next To Corcovado

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