How do I get to Drake Bay from San Jose?

How do I get to Drake Bay from San Jose ?

  • By bus:

In San Jose you have to look for Tracopa Bus Station. It is located in between the 5th street and 2oth avenue in Plaza Viquez, and the phoner number is +5062221-4214. Their office is open from 4:00 am to 6:00 pm. There is a non stop bus departing from Tracopa to Sierpe at 8.30 am. If this is not possible to take that bus you can simply get one of the next ones that drop you at Tracopa station in Palmar Norte (5 hours along the coastline or 6 hours thru the mountains). From Palmar Norte you can go by taxi collectivo to Sierpe Town (20 minutes) or get the bus from Palmar Norte to Sierpe (30  minutes) at 9.00 am or 2.30 pm. The boats from Sierpe to Drake Bay depart at 11.30 am and 3.30 pm from Donde don Jorge and lasts around 50 minutes to Drake Bay.

  • By car:
  1. This can be done thru the Cerro de la Muerte  (mountain of death in english) and it would take 6 hours to Palmar Norte or along the costanera (coastline-5 hours to Palmar norte). Both offer beautiful views. Thru the mountains  the cloud forest will impress you with its magnificent forest and thru the coast line you can find beautiful beaches to stop by. After You get to Palmar Norte there are two different options, the first one would be to go to Sierpe Town which is around 20 minutes by car. Once there look for ”Donde Don jorge” he has a parking lot and charges very cheap per day. The boats from Sierpe to Drake Bay depart at 11.30 am and at 3.30 pm. It takes 50 minutes for the boat to get to Drake Bay.
  2. Other option is to get into the ferry from Sierpe Town and get the new road to Drake Bay which is around 2 hours from there to Drake Bay.  This road offers beautiful views. including the view of the mangrove (biggest mangrove of Central America) and Caño island and Violines Island on the back ground.
  3. The other option is to keep going from Palmar Norte until Chacarita which is around 30 minutes and then fork to the right and keep going until Rincon which is around another hour and fork to right again and  follow the road for 1 more hour more or less until Drake Bay. Do not try to do this road during the heavy months of rain, go until Sierpe and leave the car there and take the boat to Drake Bay.

*Note: During  wet season do not risk coming until Drake Bay by Car. Only until Sierpe (where you can leave your car at Donde Don Jorge for $5 a day in a fenced place).

  • By airplane: 

There are two companies that fly to Drake Bay, Sansa and Nature Air. They flight from San José to Drake Bay and vice versa. Check their websites to see the availability of their flights and if they are suitable for your needs. Once you get to Drake Bay airport you will need a taxi to take you to town.

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