What to do in Drake Bay?

Corcovado National Park 

Drake Bay is the point of departure to Corcovado National Park which you can visit for a day trip or for an overnight experience. The stations of the park that you can visit for a day are San Pedrillo Ranger Station, Sirena Station, La Leona Station, Los Patos station and El Tigre Station. And the stations of the park to stay overnight are San Pedrillo Station and Sirena Station.Corcovado National park hosts a 3.5% of the biodiversity of the planet and has the highest  concentration of wildlife also, it is also always good to have in mind that it is also a matter of good luck to be able to find a wide variety of animals on a trip since animals are moving around and food season varies during the year. All the stations offer different panoramas and movement by wildlife.

  1. Los Patos Ranger Station offers an impressive primary forest, many birds and not so much mammal activity.
  2. La Leona Ranger Station is done mostly close to the beach and its forest is not so impressive, but in a good day you could see a great deal of species of animals.
  3. San Pedrillo Station has a very old and untouched primary forest and there are chances to see some animals during a day tour.
  4. Sirena Station hosts a great deal of animals and it is done thru recovering forest, old growth secondary forest and part Primary forest.

It is always recommended to stay overnight at any of the stations available for it or to do a 2 stations overnight tour and sleep at one of the stations.


Caño Island

Caño Island is home to huge number of different species of fish, turtles, sea stars and much more. On the way it is possible to see dolphins and whales during their two different migrations of the year.

The island is a biological reserve and it is only 300 square hectares. In the island it is possible to find bats, rats, snakes, mice, birds, lizards, crabs and many species of tree and plants among others.

The snorkeling and diving at Caño Island is considered to be second best one in central america after Cocos island.

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