Corrcovado National Park and why to visit
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Corcovado National Park and Why To Visit

Corcovado National Park, the best national park of the world and and called the place with the highest concentration of wildlife in the planet.

Corcovado National Park is very important because it hosts 2,5 % of the biodiversity of the world. It is not difficult to see wildlife, animals such as monkeys (4 different species), tapirs, pumas, wild pigs (2 different species), two species of deer, around 350 species of birds, reptiles, insects, trees, and plants.


Corcovado National Park not only is considered to be the best national park of the world but also the place with the biggest concentration of wildlife per square kilometer in the world. It increases the chances to see animals.

This place is a paradise for nature lovers and for wildlife photography professionals and amateurs seeking for an experience full of wildlife and tropical forest.


Corcovado National Park can be visited from Drake Bay or Puerto Jimenez, either for a day trip, 2 day trip or 3 day trip.


Day trip in Corcovado National Park


This one can be done from Drake Bay or Puerto Jimenez.


Drake Bay:


This one is done by boat, on a 40 minute boat trip along the coast. It is perfect for wildlife observation without having to walk much since the boat takes you to the heart of Corcovado National Park, Sirena Station. The activity starts at 6.00 am from the beach in drake bay and you will be back in town at around 2.00 pm.

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