Osa Great Adventure-Tour Agency

Terms and conditions


  • All sales are final.
  • Osa Great Adventure promotes high values and does not tolerate any acts of racism, prejudice, or sexism, so any person who does not respect it will not be taken in our activities with no refund.
  • The schedules of the tours can be changed due to safety reasons and the well-being of the operation. 
  • Osa Great Adventure is a tour agency and, as such, will also use third-party services to ensure that the activities are done successfully. 
  • The amounts to pay in cash will be paid the day before the tour in cash.
  • The prices on our website do not include taxes, so a 13% taxes must be added to the prices you see online.
  • Osa Great Adventure is a virtual tour agency, and therefore, we visit our clients at the hotel the day before the tour.
  • Once the deposit for the activities is done by the buyer of our services, our politics of cancellation and conditions are accepted, and the activities will be confirmed.
  • We recommend contacting us via email at info@osagreatadventure or WhatsApp at +50661025934 the day before the tour to make clear where to be for the tours and transfers to avoid getting lost.

Gear damage disclaimer

Osa Great Adventure does not take responsibility for damaged equipment, proper and self-care of the gear is a must due to the tropical conditions where sudden rainfalls and floods are common, waterproof protection is recommended as well as hard cases while exploring some of the deepest rainforests in the neotropics. 

Refunds and procedures in case of late payment of invoices 

  • The invoices are sent and should be paid the soonest as possible since the spaces could be sold to another traveler who pays before and in some cases, reservations such as the ones in national parks and hotels have a limit of time to be paid.
  • When an invoice is paid late and the reservation made is no longer available, we will proceed to refund the money. In this case, the buyer must cover the commission amount from PayPal or any other source we use to charge for the tours, accommodation, or packages.