Kayaking tour in Sierpe Mangrove River

Sierpe River has the biggest mangrove forest in Central America and also the most preserved.

1 day kayaking tour in Sierpe mangrove forest from Drake Bay

Enjoy a changing ecosystem in the Terraba-Sierpe wetlands

Bioluminiscense Kayaking Tour in Sierpe River From Drake Bay

Enjoy a changing ecosystem in the Terraba-Sierpe wetlands

This a 2-day tour, staying at Violines Island Hotel for the bioluminescence Tour on a Kayak, if the moon is out the bioluminescence cannot be seen but the tour can be still performed, the Island is very remote and the best place to do an activity away from people, there are chances to see sloths in the surroundings and there you will be with a local family, eating typical food and seeing how a costarican family interacts also.

This tour starts at 7.00 am from Drake or Sierpe and it takes around 30 minutes to get to Violines Island where you will leave your luggage and take with you only what you need for the kayaking tour, you will be back for lunch at around 12.00 MD and have the rest of the evening free, dinner is at 6.00 pm and after that, a nocturnal Kayaking tour will be performed, it will last 2 hours maximum.

The next day in the morning you will have breakfast at 7.00 am and have the morning free to enjoy of the peace of the island, the boat will go back to Drake Bay or Sierpe at 10.30 AM, lasting the way back around 30 minutes.

Sierpe-Mangrove forest kayaking tour-half day tour From Drake Bay

Enjoy changing ecosystem in the Terraba-Sierpe wetlands

This tour starts at 7.00 pm, the boat picks you up at Playa Colorada in Drake Bay. The boat starts a trip towards Sierpe Mangrove where the kayaks will be waiting for you.

The kayaking is done thru canals and the river. During this trip it is possibleto see at least 2 species of mangrove trees and other species that tolerate high amounts of salinity. 

Crabs, birds, sakes, snakes, and some mammals are among the animals that you could see during this trip. 

The trip back starts at around 11.00 am towards Drake Bay and it takes around 20 minutes to reach town.

This trip might be performed in a diffrent squedule depending on the tides and your requirments.