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All tours in Corcovado National Park

The Corcovado overnight tours and day tours are the most wanted activities by nature lovers who visit Costa Rica in search of flora and fauna.

Corcovado National Park has several stations that can be visited, Sirena Station and San Pedrillo Station can be visited for the day trip or to stay overnight. Los Patos station, Los planes station, and La Leona station can be visited only for the day or when travellers go to sleep at Sirena Station going on long walks of three days.

In the area of Corcovado tours, you will find different options to visit this extraordinary place.

Caño island diving and snorkeling​

Diving or snorkeling at Cano Island is considered to be the second best experience after Cocos Island. The amazing island is home to many species of fish, turtles, manta rays, sharks, and other amazing creature like humpback whales that come to Caño Island during two different seasons along the year.

All rural activities in Drake Bay

We also run many rural activities in Drake Bay and have different options that you can enjoy alone or with family.

Corcovado Overnight and day tours From Drake Bay And Puerto Jimenez

The wildlife of Corcovado can be appreciated in one day tour or on an overnight tour lasting form 1 to 5 nights in the park. Make sure you check Corcovado overnight and day tours to find out more about it and choose the one you like.

We are also able to customize your activity as long as it is possible. Corcovado National Park can be enjoyed alone with your guide or with your family. The groups formed are of 6 people maximum and it rarely reaches that amount of people. 

Corcovado National Park was created in 1975 as an effort to protect its biodiversity.  The park’s territory is 42560 hectares of protected land. There are also  3354 hectares of sea. Protected species like bull sharks, tapirs, pumas, and jaguars can find a place safe from poachers.

Corcovado has a 2.5 % of the biodiversity of the world, additionally, it has the major concentration of wildlife in its forest. This is why it has been recognized as the best national park or the world

The dry season goes from mid-december to the end of mid-april. It starts gradually raining until it reaches the months with more rain being october the heaviest month.

Great overnight stay at Corcovado

Took the overnight stay and regret nothing! Very experienced and super nice guide, saw a lot of animals and did great hikes day and night in this breathtaking environment , highly recommended!!
My friend and I just got home from doing a Corcovado day tour (Sirena station) and we went with the Osa Great Adventures agency with our tour guide being Allan Guevara (a friend of ours had recommended him to us). Allan is super knowledgeable, enthusiastic and clearly loves his job.

Fantastic trip

We cannot recommend Allan at Osa Great Adventure highly enough. We stayed overnight in Corcovado at Sirena station with him and it was the highlight of our trip to Costa Rica. He was incredibly helpful with organising not only our trip but also offering to help with our transportation to and from Drake Bay.



I am Allan Guevara, founder of Osa Great Adventure, I began working in a Info Center for visitors in Drake Bay in 2011, I remember that during that time I was learning English by myself and to do so I started reading books about wildlife. I did not know I was going to become a tour guide and really love it. 

People tell me that I have the best job of the world and ask me if I like it, and what  I love the most of my job and my answer is that I am amazed by nature, and that every day I see and learn something different but what I really like the most about my job is that I get to meet people from all over the world and pass to them my love for nature.

In tourism, I met my wife, Marlene from Austria. And we have a son together, his name is Leon he was born in november of 2016. My life has changed a lot and I am loving it.


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Allan Guevara.