Corcovado Tour-1Day Trip Options

From Drake Bay, Puerto Jimenez & Sierpe

Corcovado Tour, 1, 2 or 3 day experiences are the most wanted activities by nature lovers from all over the the world, and we have them all offered in our different areas; Corcovado Overnight Tour 2 days and 1 night and the most wanted one by long distance hikers Corcovado overnight tour 3 days and 2 nights experiences that will last in your memories forever.

Corcovado Tour, Day trip to Sirena Station

(Corcovado Tour, beginning and finishing in Drake Bay)

This trip begins from Drake Bay at 6:00 am for a 50-minute boat ride to Sirena beach, the entrance to Corcovado National Park. Here we’ll briefly prepare ourselves and begin our hike in the surrounding of the Sirena forests.

We’ll take a break at Sirena Station where restrooms are available. Lunch is at Sirena Station and the boat departs back to Drake Bay at around Around 12:00 pm. We’ll return to Drake Bay around 2:00 pm.

Corcovado Tour

Corcovado Tour, Day Trip San Pedrillo Station-1 Day

(Corcovado Tour, beginning and finishing in Drake Bay)

The Corcovado National Park day trip San Pedrillo Station begins in Drake Bay at 6:00 am for a 30-minute boat ride to the San Pedrillo beach entrance of Corcovado National Park. After a brief stop at the San Pedrillo station (restrooms available), we’ll continue with a walk through the San Pedrillo trails.

We’ll return to the station for lunch around 12:15 pm and depart by boat shortly thereafter at 1:00. The boat arrives at Drake Bay at 1:30 pm.

Corcovado Tour

Corcovado Tour Day Trip From Sierpe Town

(Corcovado Tour, beginning and finishing in Sierpe)

This tour starts at 7.00 am fro La Perla del Sur Restaurant, it takes 30 minutes for the boat to reach the ocean thru the biggest mangrove of Central America, Sierpe Mangrove forest, the way in the ocean lasts around 60 minutes more along the coast, during this time you might see whales, dolphins, turtles, sea birds, and other surprises.

Once in Sirena Beach, you get your shoes on and get ready to start walking thru the trails of Sire Station, Corcovado National Park is the only one place in Costa Rica where you could see all 4 different species of monkeys during a tour, tapirs, pumas, anteaters are no strangers either.

Lunchtime is at 11.00 am at the restaurant of Sirena Station, The station has toilets and a little store where you can buy cookies, seeds, chocolate, among others.

The walk keeps going after lunch and a little rest. The departing time is at 3.00 pm from Sirena beach. The estimated time getting back to Sierpe Town is 2 hours.

Corcovado Tour

Corcovado 2 day and 1 night tours

Here you will find 2 day and 1 night options for your Corcovado Tour experience.
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Corcovado 3 day and 2 night tours

Here you will find 3 day and 2 day options for your Corcovado Tour Experience.
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One Day Trip Corcovado Tour

What to expect during a one day Corcovado Tour

There is certainly a lot of questions whether a corcovado tour one day option would be enough to see a lot of wildlife or if more days are required.

I would say that it is all a matter of luck and perspective since wildlife is unpredictable and it could be that you walk for the first 30 minutes and you get to see several species of animals if you are lucky.

Other point would be leaving Corcovado National Park thinking about that it would have been worth staying longer in the park to check that monkey well, to get a nice picture or just to see more therefore we have options to stay longer.

We know how important Corcovado National Parks is for you, and how much you want to enjoy it, so we do our best from answering questions to arranging everything on time you get the best out your Corcovado Tour, whether you do a 1 day tour in a group of 10 people maximum, 2 day and 1 night Corcovado tour in Sirena Station or the most booked activity by hikers, the 3 day and 2 night Corcovado tour in Sirena Ranger station.

The most important thing before booking is to get all questions sorted out so you get the option that fits your needs the most and that will make sure that you will come back with a smile at the end of your tour.