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San Pedrillo Ranger Station has one of the most romantic sunsets you could ever enjoy.

It is the perfect place to forget about everything that stops us from fully enjoying in our lives, meditate and remember that this world is beautiful no matter what.

As a naturalist tour guide and father of a little boy I have to work hard to give travellers and my family the best from me, and it gets me very tired, however when I find myself enjoying when swimming in such beautiful places and observing these amazing sunsets I feel refilled with new energy and remember how good it is to enjoy those moments disconnected from the stress of the system of life that sometimes overwhelms us.


Always when I go on tours to Corcovado National Park, Caño island to do snorkeling or simply doing a night hike I find a moment to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings, and how amazing nature and its details can be when you get deeper into them.


It is very interesting to see that many couples come to the park to enjoy Corcovado on a honeymoon trip, or simply during vacation time.

Something that has truly helped me to avoid getting bored of working in tourism is my trips to Europe since when I come back I see the beauty of my place and I feel amazed again.