Whale and dolphin watching tour in Drake Bay, Costa Rica.
Allan Guevara

Allan Guevara

Manager of Osa great Adventure

Humpback whales, spectacular creatures that visit Costa Rica

Whales are amazing creatures loved by many. Costa Rica has given me the chance of being able to see them from very close. This is certainly a very happy moment for me when I come across these big creatures.

The humpback whales visit Costa Rica in two different migrations and therefore two different seasons. I must accept that it is one of the most breathtaking creatures that I have ever seen in my life. Giants peaceful animals that come to Costa Rica to give birth and mate.

During their trip to Costa Rica’s coast, the don’t feed and mums will feed their Jung on fat-like milk that they release in the water so the baby whale drinks it.

This magnificent event happens almost all over the pacific coast of Costa but you can enjoy it the most in certain areas where they take special education for the activity so the impact is minimized to the lowest possible.

The first place coming from the south to the north of the pacific coast is Puerto Jimenez, and then the rest of them are Drake Bay, Uvita, Dominicalito, and Manuel Antonio.

During the whale season, it is not only possible to whales but also dolphins and some species of coast-birds and sea-birds.

Some requirements do not position the boat in front of the whale, turn of the engine, keep a good distance from the whale, not to swim with then unless special permission is given. The boat can’t go faster than the whale, among other rules to make it the least stressful possible for the whales.

On this occasion, I am talking about humpback whales but if you are lucky enough you might encounter other species of whales and several species of dolphins. Some dolphins are local groups and some others are visitants who pass by looking for food as they keep going to their next place in the vast ocean.


Dolphins and whales are being affected by fishing and pollution. It is also known that radars can affect them as well as huge ships that hit them with the propel but not all is negative, there are groups of people defending them every day and creating consciousness so we all can fit on earth together and enjoy of the give of life.

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