The red-eye leaf frog is an amphibian that represents Costa Rica. It appears in many different products and souvenirs. Personally, it is one of my favorite creatures to find when I go night hiking, and people love it.

It is a nocturnal creature. The males stay at a place and make of it their territory, even if it means to fight for what they consider a special spot, close to a pond of seating water where they make their calls waiting for a female to choose them and begin the cycle of a new generation of red-eye leaf frogs.

Frogs are being affected almost all over the world because of habitat loss and fungus that attack their skin and block their ability to breath and drink since they do it thru the skin. Drake Bay has been affected but only by habitat loss so far.

It is also known that frogs are an indicator of the health of the forest since they are very susceptible to changes in the temperature.